AS VAL Assault Rifle | Call of Duty Mobile – (Ultimate Guide)

The AS VAL is an Assault Rifle featured in Call of Duty Mobile. This Weapon has decent damage, a very fast fire rate and good accuracy, making it one of the best weapons to use at close range combat.

This article will discuss AS VAL Assault Rifle Guide, a gun in Call of Duty Mobile. We’ll go over the information you need to know about it and give some tips for using it!


AS VAL Overview Cod Mobile

To unlock AS VAL, players need to reach tier 21 in Season 2 Battle Pass.

AS VAL is an Assault Rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile, and as we all know, it’s a very powerful weapon and the best choice for close combat. It will be perfect if you have enough skills on how to use this assault rifle appropriately, so let’s start from its profile first.

The AS VAL has extremely high damage, a very fast fire rate and an above-average range for Assault Rifles, making it extremely deadly in close quarters. It has higher accuracy than most weapons they will spawn per box. If you manage to get one, be sure to load it with a good scope and attachments. More Detail Feel Free to Visit!

AS VAL Stats – Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, Mobility, Range

Without Any Attachment Stats:

Fire Rate:80

Best Attachments for AS VAL Loadout

If you’re looking for the best AS VAL loadout attachments, this is where they are the Best attachment for AS VAL.

  • Barrel: MIP 200mm Mid-Range Barrel.
  • Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical.
  • Rear Grip: Rubberized Grip Tape.
  • Stock: YKM Combat Stock.
  • Ammunition: Large Extended Mag B.

These attachments make the AS VAL stand out as an absolute beast of a submachine gun.

Best AS VAL Loadout for Battle Royale

The best AS VAL loadout for Battle Royale :

  • Barrel: MIP 200mm Mid-Range Barrel.
  • Optic: 3x Tactical Scope 1.
  • Foregrip: Piranha Foregrip.
  • Ammunition: Large Extended Mag B.
  • Stock: OWC Ranger Stock.

This is the best AS VAL loadout build for Battle Royale because attachments increase accuracy and improve your hip fire capabilities.

AS VAL Skin – Loadout, Rarity, & How To Get

There are many cool weapon skins you can use in Call of Duty Mobile to make your gun look much more incredible. Here are the best Skin AS VAL Skin:

AS VAL – Color Streak

AS VAL - Color Streak

Rarity: Epic

How to get AS VAL Color Streak: Unlock this skin in Arcade Shootout Crate.

AS VAL – Pollinator

AS VAL - Pollinator

Rarity: Epic

How to get AS VAL Pollinator: Unlock this skin in Season 8 Seasonal event.

AS VAL – Plasma Explosion

AS VAL - Plasma Explosion

Rarity: Epic

How to get AS VAL Plasma Explosion: Unlock this skin in Foresight Crate.

AS VAL – Red Action

AS VAL - Red Action

Rarity: Epic

How to get AS VAL Red Action: Unlock this skin in Vermillion Arsenal Crate.

AS VAL – Double Edge

AS VAL - Double Edge

Rarity: Mythic

How to get AS VAL – Double Edge: You can unlock this skin in Cross Guard Mythic Drop.

Wrapping Up

The AS VAL Assault Rifle Guide is a great weapon for players looking to have more accuracy in the game. The guide has helped you learn about this gun, but if there’s anything else that you’d like to know or want us to cover, let me know in the Comment below.

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