10 Best Guns in Call of Duty: Mobile Edition- (Ultimate Guide)

So you’re playing Call of Duty: Mobile Edition and are wondering what gun is the best? With so many strengths, weaknesses, situational uses for each weapon type, it can be hard to choose which one works best for you – but we’ve got your back! We have compiled a list based on research done by many hours spent in-game.
The input provides information about different guns found within “Call of Duty: Mobile” to help gamers decide which they would like to use during gameplay. This article will explore some of the most effective weapons in-game based on how they perform under different circumstances and what makes them so great!

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Best Guns in Call of Duty: Mobile

1. Man-O-War – Best Assault Rifle in CoD: Mobile

man o war dream crystal

The Man-O-War’s high DPS and good accuracy make it a powerful weapon in CoD: Mobile. It doesn’t have too much recoil, either, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t use this gun to mow down enemies with ease!

2. DL Q33 – Best Sniper Rifle in CoD: Mobile

DLQ33 holiday

The DL Q33 is an unstoppable weapon that virtually one-shots everything. It’s incredibly accurate, which means it can be used for any situation.

3. Ak117

AK117 - Holidays

The AK117 assault rifle in Call of Duty Mobile is a very reliable weapon. It has high accuracy, good damage at close range, and an excellent fire rate that makes it perfect for combat situations.

4. ASM10

ASM10 - Bunker Buster

The ASM10 is in the assault rifle weapon class of Call of Duty Mobile. It has great damage, a decent fire rate, and long-range compatibility with lower mobility than other weapons.

5. QQ9 – Best SMG in CoD: Mobile


QQ9 is the submachine gun in COD Mobile. It has high damage, a fast fire rate, good accuracy, and moderate recoil, making it effective at close or medium range.

If you’re looking for the Best SMG that is easy to handle and has an extremely high fire rate, then the QQ9 might be your choice.

The ADS speeds up TTK, making it comfortably one of the best SMG in CoD: Mobile.

6. HVK-30

hvk 30 maximum security

HVK-30 is a new assault rifle added to COD Mobile in Season 5. Its significant damage, fast fire rate, and tight hip accuracy make it an ideal weapon for players looking for close combat efficiency.

7. MX-9

MX-9 Codm

Being a powerful SMG, The MX9 is included in the weapon class of season 6. It deals 30 and 33 headshot damage which can kill an enemy within 5 to 9 meters with 4 shots! This FPS has high recoil, so players will have to practice it first for better combat performance later.

8. Locus

locus codm

The Locus is a sniper rifle in Call of Duty Mobile that has the greatest damage and accuracy. It’s now considered one of the best snipers to use due to its fast rate of fire, faster movement speed while aiming down sights (ADS), and high hip fire spread.


msmc space station

The fully automatic SMG in COD Mobile, MSMC, has high rates of fire and good accuracy. Its  best use is at close range with a speedy time to kill.

10. DR-H


The DR-H is an excellent assault rifle with a great fire rate, packs more punch than it’s given credit for, and can be controlled. This weapon will give you the edge over many other players if they are unaware of your abilities with this Assault Rifle.

Final Thoughts

Here are the Top 10 guns in Call of Duty Mobile Edition. These weapons were chosen based on hours spent playing, efficiency over time, and how unique they feel to use. If you find any other weapon that is good or has some cool features, please comment below! Do these recommendations match your playstyle? Let me know what gun you’ve found to be the best so far in CODM.

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