Man-O-War Assault Rifle in COD Mobile – (Weapon Guide)


Several updates have been made in COD Mobile, but the Man-O-War has not changed much. A powerful AR assault rifle with great stats and abilities is an excellent choice for any player.

The Man-O-War Assault Rifle has excellent recoil control and causes significant damage. While this AR excels at medium-to-long-range combat, it falls flat in close quarters due to better options available. Overall, the Man-O-War can be a powerful weapon (and a great choice) when used properly with distance and attachments!

Man-O-War Weapon Overview

To unlock the Man-O-War assault rifle, you must reach player level 52.

Man-O-War Cod Mobile

Assault rifles such as the Man-O-War, which can be used for medium and long-range combat, are some of the best available in COD Mobile. Due to its significant damage, good accuracy, and increased mobility, it is one of the best weapons for killing your enemies.


Man-O-War Stats

Man-O-WarStats & Tier
Fire Rate:50

Attachment Guide – The Best Loadout for Man-O-War

Here is a suggestion for making the best Loadout for the Man-O-War Assault Rifle:

  • Barrel: OWC Ranger
  • Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical.
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape.
  • Underbarrel: Tactical Foregrip A.
  • Muzzle: OWC Compensator


Best Loadout For Man-O-War

The Man-O-War Loadout increased accuracy and range, allowing for more precise shots. Here are the stats after using the Loadout:

Fire Rate:50

Man-O-War Skins -Rarity & How to get

Using weapon skins will make your gun look incredibly cool. These are the six best Man-O-War weapons skins:


Man-O-War – Strafing Run


Rarity: Legendary

How to get: Unlock this skin in Fire Raid Draw.

Man-O-War Bloodbath


Rarity: Epic

How to get: Unlock this skin in Deep League Crate.


Man-O-War – UAC


Rarity: Epic

How to get: Unlock This Skin in Event: Warrior’s Path.


Man-O-War Death Scythe


Rarity: Legendary

How to get:  Unlock This Skin in Eternal Rest Draw.

Man-O-War – Circuit Board


Rarity: Epic

How to get: Unlock This Skin in Reinforced Soldier Crate.

Man-O-War Cardinal


Rarity: Epic

How to get Man-O-War Cardinal : Unlock This Skin in Free Credit Store. (Limited)


Wrapping Up

A powerful assault rifle, the Man-o- war remains an excellent weapon for any player to use and excel at. Its stats are incredible, and its abilities make it stand out from other weapons in its class.

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