Call of Duty Mobile Chinese Version

Being a gamer for as long as I remember Call of duty games have been on my gaming list whenever I sit on my system. It’s not just a game, it’s a legacy that associates thousands and millions of people from around the world.

After its global release in 2019, Call of duty finally launched its Chinese version. Although the game has been developed by Tencent Studio, the IP holder for China is Activision. The game however for now only has been released as a beta release on the Apple app store. 


For many, this news may not sound that exciting, but as we go more into the current release of call of duty, it is exciting to note that Call of Duty mobile Chinese has some extra and special features that are not available in another version. This makes the game more exciting and a must version to play. In battle royal mode, the features are entirely different. In fact, it’s a whole new experience. 

However, not everyone is ready to pay the hefty amount for the Call of Duty Chinese version. Also, gamers from around the world want to play this “special Call of Duty Version”.

If the gamer in you wants to play the Chinese version of Call of Duty, we bring you the perfect guide and Call of Duty mobile APK for a whole new experience! Trust me, this is the best version of Call of Duty, wonder why we all did not have the same access. Well, let’s dive into the article, enough of jabber for the “gaming peeps”.


The Chinese version of Call of Duty is now available as an APK for tablets and Android phones. We bring you the direct download link to dive into the classic gaming experience. Although Call of Duty is available around the world but being a gamer, I totally get how mesmerizing it is to play these different versions.

Although it’s simple to download and install the APK version, you must ensure that you at least have 3 GB of space on your device. The APK file itself is on 1.7 GB, whereas the overall installation needs more space. Also, once installed you might need some small patches for the smooth running of the game.

How to download & install Call of duty Chinese

Here are the steps you need to follow to download and install COD Mobile Chinese;

  1. Use the download button below to download the APK file on your device.
  2. Open the APK file by navigating to file manager>files.
  3. Once you click the file, you will be prompted with a message “allow the app installation from unknown sources”. Click allow to move forward with the installation. 
  4. Now, the APK installation will begin. It might take a while so have the patience or grab a juice can! 
  5. Once completed, you will get the game icon on your device’s screen. Click that icon to move further with small software downloading. 
  6. Once it is completed, you just need to restart the game and YOU ARE ALL SET TO PLAY CODM CHINESE VERSION. 

Is Call of Duty Mobile Chinese?

One of the most common questions that gamers ask is whether Call of Duty Mobile is a Chinese game or not. Well, the Call of Duty game is published by Garena and Activision. Both organizations are US-based gaming companies. However, the Call of Duty is developed by TiMi Studios which is a Chinese company named Tencent Holdings’ subsidiary. 

It is interesting to note that before the main release the beta version was released for the beta users. Here is how you get the call of duty mobile Chinese beta version download on your device:

  1. First, download the beta APK file on your device. Make sure the APK version is free from viruses. Therefore, we make sure files on this site are virus-free.
  2. Before you click the APK file for installation, allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. 
  1. Now click the APK file for installation. It will take some time.
  2. Once completed, click the icon on the home screen and allow the additional files to download. 
  3. After successful completion, restart to play the Call of Duty beta version.

You might wonder Why Call of Duty Beta Version? The beta version has additional features that are not included in the final game.

Why is the Call of Duty Mobile APK so Easy to Play? 

Although Call of Duty Mobile Chinese is an amazing game to play, it is easier than the other versions of Call of Duty. Not only the mobile versions around the world, but it is also different from the PC version as well. 

You might wonder why????? 

The truth is that only the initial one or two levels are easier. Once, you catch up on the pace and other players join in, the real fun game begins. It gets harder and harder. The winning ratio decreases, and the loss ratio decreases.

You might also feel that in initial levels you are playing with lazy computer bots but there is no comment from the game manufacturers about bots or AI technology. But once you move on to higher levels the game does get difficult. 

Call of Duty Mobile China vs. Call of Duty Mobile Global 

There are major differences between Call of Duty APK China and Call of Duty APK global. Although some may find it a small difference but gamers who began their gaming journey with the call of duty, can find it annoying. 

No Zombies in Battle Royale

In the global version of Call of Duty in the clown battle of Royale class, the toy robot could summon zombies, which helps in the overall attacking strategy. In the Chinese version of Call of Duty, these zombies are replaced with attacking dogs.

Although many people are confused because of this change. The main reason which most people speculate about this change is that there are strict regulations in China. Activision found the best way to entertain the Chinese gamers along with not breaking their rules is by introducing a small change. 

Buy Your Dead Teammates 

One of the most annoying things while gaming is to see your best teammate die. Gaming is not a loner’s experience. It’s more of teamwork but a virtual one. Many times, a teammate who is performing the best goes dead because of a small mistake but not any longer.

In Chinese Call of Duty mobile allows the user to buy their dead teammate. There are dead teammates buying locations in various locations. You can easily locate these locations on the game map. Just reach those locations, buy the teammate, and bring the power of your team back! You can also buy guns etc. at these buying locations as well. 

Redeploy and Gulag Feature 

Gulag is one of the most wanted features in any game including Call of Duty Chinese version. The dead players now can be moved to Gulag to have a one-on-one match with the enemy, the one winning this match is redeployed to the game. Activision has tested this feature and it’s now available on the COD Mobile Chinese

One Gun Two Mods 

How cool is this feature! Imagine having one gun which can be operated in two ways at once. In the Battle Royale of Call of Duty Chinese version, you can have one gun with two mods. This dual loadout of the game gives lots of possibilities and combinations for the gamers to use while playing. The best part is this feature is not available in the other versions of Call of Duty. Only Call of Duty Chinese APK has this feature.

Armor & Health System

The health and armor interface has also been changed considerably in the Chinese APK version of Call of Duty. There are now three bars in the armor interface, which the gamer can fill up by either buying them or getting them from various locations in the game. Now the users can buy and wear the armor instantly without having to worry about the arming level. Honestly, I am loving the call of duty mobile Chinese version beta and APK. 

New Map 

Since the Call of Duty Chinese version is made differently from the previous versions the map of the game is also different. Although the features are different in the Call of Duty global and Chinese version, the overall game itself is a combination of various Call of Duty versions.

Users can experience mixed feelings. If you have played the previous versions of Call of Duty you might feel hints of various Call of Duty versions. The Call of Duty APK download is the best way to get a chance to play this game because you cannot go to China just playing the Call of Duty Chinese version. Therefore, the map of the game is also different. 


Being a gamer one cannot simply avoid playing the Call of Duty mobile Chinese version even if it means to play via an APK. If you want to enjoy this amazing game at your side, download and get playing with the APK version right now!