ICR-1 Assault Rifle | Call of Duty Mobile

This blog post will be a review of the ICR-1 assault rifle from Call of Duty Mobile. The ICR-1 is a modern American assault rifle featured in Call of Duty Mobile.

ICR-1 Weapon Overview

The ICR-1 has moderate damage and an average rate of fire, but what makes this weapon special is its impressive accuracy and penetration. It also has a large magazine capacity out of the box and can be modded to carry even more. This blog post will cover how the gun performs, attachments, and more. This blog post will be updated as news or patches are released. More Info Here.


You need to reach player level 2 to unlock the ICR-1 assault rifle.

The ICR-1 assault rifle is the Best gun in cod mobile. With its high accuracy, medium fire rate, and good damage, you will hardly notice when firing this weapon in full auto mode with any attachment equipped!

ICR-1 Weapon Stats

With Out Any Attachment Stats:

ICR-1Stats & Tier
Fire rate:60

Best Attachment for ICR-1

The ICR-1 assault rifle has a few different attachment options for you to choose from.

  • Barrel: YKM Integral Suppressor Light.
  • Stock: No Stock.
  • Ammunition: 50 Round Fast Reload.
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape.
  • Laser: OWC Laser Tactical.

The ICR-1 attachments class setup is perfect. It can increase accuracy, reduce the need to control your shoot.

ICR-1 Skin – Price, & How to get

Weapon skins can make your gun look sleek and cool. Here’s a list of all the different ICR-1 skins you can get in Call of Duty Mobile:

ICR-1 – Phobos

ICR-1 - Phobos

Rarity: Epic.

How to get ICR-1 Phobos: You can get this skin in Valentine Redux.

ICR-1 – Forced Laughter

ICR-1 - Forced Laughter

Rarity: Legendary

How to get ICR-1 Forced Laughter: Unlock this skin in Social Disruptor Draw.

ICR-1 Meteor Core

ICR-1 Meteor Core

Rarity: Epic

How to get ICR-1 Meteor Core: Unlock this skin in Magma Eruption Mythic Drop.

ICR-1 – Innovator

ICR-1 - Innovator

Rarity: Legendary

How to get ICR-1 – Innovator: Unlock this skin in Synaptic Crash Draw.

ICR-1 – Ferrofluid

ICR-1 - Ferrofluid

Rarity: Epic

How to get ICR-1 – Ferrofluid: Unlock this skin in Amethyst Crate.

Wrapping UP

The ICR-1 is a solid assault rifle that will be perfect for close-range engagements. With impressive accuracy and penetration, the weapon can handle most combat situations you may find yourself in during the zombie apocalypse. If you are looking to explore more of our arsenal, feel free to Comment Below!

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