Call of Duty Mobile All Legendary Skins

This is a list of all the legendary skins available for Call of Duty Mobile. Additionally, you will learn how to obtain them as well.

 KN-44 – Mystic Fox

KN-44 - Mystic Fox
UnlockZero Day Draw

ASM10 – Red Shadow

ASM10 - Red Shadow
UnlockShadow of the Blade Draw

LK24 – Drop Shock

LK24 - Drop Shock
UnlockHellbound Draw

KRM-262 – Glorious Blaze

KRM-262 - Glorious Blaze
UnlockDanger Drop Draw

KSP 45 – Divinity

KSP 45 - Divinity
UnlockGilded Glaive Draw

L-CAR-9 – Industrial Pulverizer

L-CAR-9 - Industrial Pulverizer
UnlockAir Machina Draw

M13 – Liminal Flare

M13 - Liminal Flare
UnlockHeaven’s Lance Draw

M4 – Thermal Shroud

M4 - Thermal Shroud
UnlockThermal Core Draw

RPD – Yellowjacket

RPD - Yellowjacket
UnlockSword and Stinger Draw

PDW-57 – Battalion

PDW-57 - Battalion
UnlockDecommissioned Draw

DL Q33 – Bass Boster

DL Q33 - Bass Boster
UnlockCrossfade Draw

ICR-1 – Sabre Blade

ICR-1 - Sabre Blade
UnlockChromium Iron Draw

Koshka – Wundergewehr

Koshka - Wundergewher
UnlockElement 115 Draw

CR-556 – Feral Tusk

CR-556 - Feral Tusk
UnlockWarhead Wasteland Draw

Kali Sticks – Sand Scepters

Kali Sticks - Sand Scepters
UnlockCrown of Kings Draw

MX9 – Exostatic

MX9 - Exostatic
UnlockSkirmisher Draw

Ak117 – Dazzling Rhythm

Ak117 - Dazzling Rhythm
UnlockTotal Body Draw

Rytec AMR – Nito-ryu

Rytec AMR - Nito-ryu
UnlockSo-Ken Draw

HVK-30 – Cartridge Crusher

HVK-30 - Cartridge Crusher
UnlockPower Supply Draw

MAC-10 – Atomic Star

MAC-10 - Atomic Star
UnlockCrossover Draw

Rus-790 – Equalizer

Rus-790 - Equalizer
UnlockDog Father Draw

PP19 Bizon – Home brewed Hex

PP19 Bizon - Home brewed Hex
UnlockIcon of Rage Draw

DRH – Blood Rose

DR-H - Blood Rose
UnlockInformant Draw

Holger 26 – Risen Deep

Holger 26 - Risen Deep

J358 – Heavy Handed

J358 - Heavy Handed
UnlockClean House Draw

HBRa3 – Rictus Arc

HBRa3 - Rictus ARC

JAK-12 – Molten Mirror

JAK-12 - Molten Mirror
UnlockRogue Revenge Draw

AS VAL – Steel Fusion

AS VAL - Steel Fusion

QXR – Fossil Fire

QXR - Fossil Fire

Arctic .50 – Zodiac Beas

Arctic .50 - Zodiac Beast
UnlockYear of The Tiger Draw

PPSh-41 – Emberwing

PPSh-41 - Emberwing
UnlockSecond Chance Draw

Locus – Electron

Locus - ELectron
UnlockDusk Owl Draw

Type 25 – Horseman’s Pick

Type 25 - Horseman's Pick
UnlockPale Horseman Draw

D13 Sector – Stream Shredder

D13 Sector Shredder

PKM – Red Nose Revenge

PKM - Red Nose Revenge
UnlockCrueltide Draw

Crossbow – Kinetic Electricity

Crossbow - Kinetic Electricity
UnlockTechno Aim Draw 

SVD – Toxicant

SVD - Toxicant
UnlockShadow String Draw

Peacekeeper Mk2 – Crustpunker

Peacekeeper Mk2 - Crustpunker
UnlockLaugh, Boom! Draw

LK24 – Idol Star

LK24 - Idol Star
UnlockDeadly Cute Draw

HG 40 – Ghoul Bound

HG 40 - Ghoul Bound
UnlockVengeful Hunter Draw

Thumper – Surprise Party

Thumper - Surprise Party

Chopper – Rules of the Game

Chopper - Rules of the Game
UnlockGame Over Draw

Fennec – Venom Coil

Fennec - Venom Coil
UnlockAltered DNA Draw

Dl Q33 – Advanced Artillery

Dl Q33 - Advanced Artillery
UnlockArmed to the Teeth Draw

R9-0 – Hopper

R9-0 - Hopper
UnlockOktoberfest Draw

BK57 – Flash Freeze

 BK57 - Flash Freeze

QQ9 – Moonlight

QQ9 - Moonlight
UnlockVeiled Moon Draw

M4LMG – Salamander

M4LMG - Salamander

Hades – Void Sender

Hades - Void Sender
UnlockRoyal Renegade Draw

AK117 – Aesir

AK117 - Aesir

MX9 – Heartless

MX9 - Heartless
UnlockWetlands Warrior Draw

DRH – Purebred

DRH - Purebred

AGr556 – Ripper

AGr556 - Ripper
UnlockThe GraveWalker Draw

Type25 – Magnetic Engine

Type25 - Magnetic Engine
UnlockSafety First Draw

ASM10 – Abyssal Agent

ASM10 - Abyssal Agent
UnlockHydroshock Draw

Shorty – Last Resort

Shorty - Last Resort
UnlockOmnipotent Draw

CR-56 Amax – Red Death

CR-56 Amax - Red Death
UnlockThorned Rose Draw

Locus – Neptune

locus codm
UnlockRising Tides Draw

MK2- Helix Grade

MK2- Helix Grade
UnlockDrillHead Draw

Razorback – Boreal Aegis

Razorback - Boreal Aegis
UnlockNorthern Lights Draw

QQ9 – Sigrun

QQ9 - Sigrun

KN-44 – Dance of Death

KN-44 - Dance of Death
UnlockMedieval Malpractice Draw

ICR-1 – Innovator

ICR-1 - Innovator
UnlockSynaptic Crash Draw

PP19 Bizon – Invocation

PP19 Bizon - Invocation
UnlockThe Order Draw

Renetti – Metal Phantom

Renetti - Metal Phantom
UnlockForged Steal Draw

Arctic-50 – Foxfire

Arctic-50 Foxfire

Ak-47 – Kuromaku

Ak-47 - Kuromaku
UnlockBlade and Blossom Draw

PDW-57 – Toxic Waste

PDW-57 - Toxic Waste
UnlockNoxious Draw

Man-o-War – Death scythe

UnlockEternal Rest Draw

SP-R 208 Counter Spy

SP-R 208 counter spy
UnlockDoppel Ganger Draw

Type 25 – Bloody vengeance

Type 25 - Bloody vengeance
UnlockHuntress Draw

GKS – Wanderer

GKS - Wanderer
UnlockUrbanite Draw

SKS – Particle Splitter

SKS - Particle splitter
UnlockPestilence Draw

Fr 556 – Superhighway

Fr 556 - Superhighway
UnlockSystem Overload Draw

ICR-1 – Forced laughter

Icr-1 - Forced laughter
UnlockDisruptor Draw

Bk57 – Space race

Bk57 - space race
UnlockCountdown Draw

Razorback – Necessary Diplomacy

Razorback - Necessary Diplomacy
UnlockDetente Draw

QXR – Secret Santa

QXR - Secret Santa
UnlockFire Side Draw

DR-H – Wicked Claw

DR-h - Wicked Claw
UnlockPrimeval Draw

.50 GS – Calamity

50 Gs - Calamity
UnlockDark Side Draw

AGR 556 – Durandel

AGR 556 - Durandal
UnlockDark Omens Draw

M4 – Court Jester

M4 - Court Jester
UnlockWicked Trickster Draw

Ak-47 – Pumpkin Head

AK-47 - Pumpkin Head
Unlock Halloween Draw

Na-45 Lycanthrope

NA-45 - Lycanthrope
UnlockThorned Rose Draw

HV-K 30 – Maximum Security

HVK-30 - Maximum Security
UnlockPrison Break Draw

DL Q33 -Zealot

DL Q33 - Zealot
UnlockDark Ritual Draw

HBRa3 – Swarm

HBRa3 - Swarm
UnlockHoney Badger Draw

Echo – Natural Cause

Echo - Natural Causes
UnlockNatural Cause Draw

Kilo Bolt-Action Rail Gun

Kilo Bolt-Action - Rail Gun
UnlockCybernetic Draw

UL736 – Depth Charge

UL736 - Depth Charge
UnlockDive! Dive! Draw

ASM10 – Bunker Buster

ASM10 - Bunker Buster
UnlockHell on Shells Draw

HG 40 – Gold Standard

HG 40 - Gold Standard
UnlockManifest Draw

QQ9 – Melting Point

QQ9 - Melting Point
UnlockMelting Point Draw

RPD – Practical Joker

RPD - Practical Joker
UnlockSweet Joke Draw

LK24 – Justicar

LK24 - Justicar
UnlockStar Sprangled Draw

Chopper – Chain Reaction

chopper chain reaction
UnlockChain Reaction Draw

AK 117 – Meltdown

ak 117 meltdown
UnlockMolten Fusion Draw

Outlaw – High Noon

outlaw high noon
UnlockFrontier Justice Draw

Cordite Zero-G

cordite zero g
UnlockVoid Redux Draw

RUS-79U – Dustkicker

RUS-79U Dustkicker
UnlockDust to Dust Draw

GKS – Tactical Unicorn

GKS Tactical Unicorn
Unlock Tactical Unicorn Draw

MSMC – Space Station

MSMC Space Station
UnlockSpace Station Draw

AK-47 – Wrath Black & Gold

AK-47 Wrath Black & Gold
UnlockWrath Draw Redux

S36 – Phobos

S36 Phobos
UnlockValentine Draw

KN-44 – Color Spectrum

KN-44 Color Spectrum
UnlockColor Spectrum Draw

Man-O-War – Dream Crystal

Man-O-War Dream Crystal
UnlockDream Crystal Draw

Pharo – Dream Crystal

Pharo dream crystal
UnlockDream Crystal Weapon Crate

AK117 Holidays

AK 117 Holidays
UnlockHoliday Draw

DL Q33 Holidays

DL Q33 Holidays
UnlockHoliday Draw

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