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Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most recent hits and is insanely famous among gamers worldwide. Call of Duty for mobile was released in October, and more than 100 million people downloaded the game across the globe within one week. The game is a real sensation for mobile gamers since it can be played in multiple modes, including Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and rescue, and Battle Royale Mode.

The mobile version of COD includes the same maps from the console version to make the game even more exciting. Additionally, the game is made quite different from the other games of the same genre by adding additional features. For instance, you can play the games in different modes and choose a class of your character. Here are some of the most useful call of duty mobile tips that will help you keep your enemy down and win the game. Don’t Forget TO Call of Duty Mobile Chinese in Your Phone.

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COD Mobile Tips & Tricks For Beginner

1. Battle Royale Tips

COD Mobile Battle Royale is the finest battle royale experience you can get on the mobile. Due to the addition of different options, exciting elements, and multiple modes, the games are getting even more popular. Here are the few tips and tricks to survive and Win Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Pro mode.

2. Always land in the less dense areas on the map in the beginning

Landing in a dense area seems exciting, but it decreases your chance of surviving. At the beginning of the game, you should look for a spot on the map with less population and few buildings. You will encounter only one or two enemies at such places and get more chances to gather ammunition and gear. It will help you strengthen your defense for the later stages of the game.

3. Never mess with witty bosses if you don’t have enough power

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Bosses are the uber-powered henchmen that appear as the red dots on the map. As you get closer to the markers or mess with them in any way, they will attack you. Although you can win a big reward like powerful ammunition and gear, it’s never been easy to take them down. You can only take them down if you have the strongest ammunition like Antelope A20 Assault Vehicle. If you want to survive until the game’s later stages, it is better not to mess with bosses.

5. Closing Doors

Door closing can be one of the best tricks you can use to deceive your enemy. In battle Royale, the doors of buildings are closed by default and are opened when someone enters to search. You can close the doors of the building after entering to make it appear like the building is not searched yet. Also, you should be careful while entering any building since anyone else can play this trick with you as well.

6. Do hunting, not camping

In COD mobile battle Royale mode, hunting is a more successful strategy than camping. When you keep on moving for hunting, it will become difficult for your enemy to hit the moving target.


Also, in a big map like battle royale, there are more chances of survival and winning when you and your teammates keep attacking your enemies as a team. You will get instant help from your teammates to survive and attack. Also, if any of the team members gets killed, the nearby team member can collect the dog tags.

7. Greed is a curse

If you want to survive long or win the Battle Royale, don’t be greedy. Never rush to collect dog tags after killing the enemy or even when your own teammate is killed. Wait for the right time, and give a chance to the teammate, who is in a better position to collect the reward.

8. Communicate with and gather around your team

Although a bit difficult, gathering around a team is the key to success. This is the most difficult thing, in my opinion, to keep your teammates in the same area since many players come up with their own strategies. Since gathering around is not a possibility in every scenario; the next thing you can do is communicate. You can enable the microphone or hold to talk option to get in touch with your teammates.

COD Mobile Aiming Tips

1. Customize The UHD Control

For accurate aiming, you can customize the UHD settings to increase your comfort level and better control the equipment. With a customized UHD layout, you will be able to handle the recoil more comfortably and easily control the scope and weapon while aiming.

2. Practice Mode

Call Of Duty Mobile offers two practice modes Training and Practice Vs. AIl. The difficulty of the modes is much lower than the actual COD mobile, but they are ideal for practicing aiming. You will learn how to manage scope, tackle the recoil, and aim correctly.


3. Sensitivity Settings

In Call of Duty mobile settings, you need to optimize the sensitivity to aim like a pro. Make sure you optimize the sensitivity in both Multiplayer and Battle Royale Mode. Here are videos explaining sensitivity settings.

Call Of Duty Mobile Multiplayer Tips

Call of duty multiplayer mode is another exciting mode. Here are a few tips and tricks to win and survive in this mode.

1. Make Wise Weapon Choices

Choose the weapon according to the maps you are entering. The choice of your loadout will determine your survival and success. For example, for a map like crossfire, the SMGs loadout will not work. For this kind of map, you will need long-range weapons to combat.

2. Keep On Moving

In COD Mobile multiplayer mode, you cannot hide. So what you can do is to keep on moving. It is quite difficult for your enemy to hit a moving target. All you need to do is to move safely along sideways while keeping your enemy in sight.

3. Sprinting

Sprinting is an option that lets you slide faster. The down button lets you slide while running to deceive your enemy. By pressing the forward controller, or dedicated sprint button, you can slide faster. There is an option “always sprint,” but if you are new to the game, I won’t recommend this option since this option can sometimes make you slide into your enemy.

4. Upgrade The Weapons

Upgrading weapons from time to time is critical to surviving and winning the Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer modes. Use the collected rewards and weapon cards to upgrade your weapon so that you can fight back in the upgraded levels.

5. Always Check The Corners

Before entering any map, carefully check the corners since enemies can camp at any corner of the map.

6. Don’t Hide From ScoreStraeks.

Taking down an enemy’s scorestreak can change your defeat into victory. Hiding for the enemy’s scorestreak will not work in any way. Therefore you should always fight back to take down the Enemy’s Scorestreaks.

7. Optimized Graphics Settings

Optimized graphics settings are the most critical step to win a call of duty mobile multiplayer game. For example, if you use a device that supports low FPS, do not keep your graphic settings to UHD. The UHD graphics will give you the best viewing experience but will affect your gaming performance. If the graphics settings are not optimized, your taps will be registered slower and will negatively affect your gaming performance.

8. Pre-Aim at Entry Locations

Once you predict the enemy’s location, aim at the entry point of that location. The pre-aim at the entry point will help you take down the enemy before it starts shooting at you. Also, you should always keep the crosshair in the middle of the screen.

9. Hole Tip In the Hijacked Mode

This is one of my favorite call of duty mobile tips. When you are playing COD mobile in hijacked (boat) multiplier mode, you can find an easy way to escape. You should look for a cabin with a secret passage. It will take you from one end to the other. You can enter this passage through a hole in the boat floor.


How do I contact the call of duty mobile?

Activision is the publisher of Call of Duty Mobile, and you contact activation by phone on this number:

+1 310 255 200.

You can also report a bug in the feedback section of the game. To report a problem, open the settings, then open the support tab and click on the feedback tap. In the feedback tab, you will see an option “report a bug.” Click on this option and proceed to report a problem.

What is the best weapon in Call of Duty mobile?

Razorback, Holger 26, Shotgun KRM 262, MK2 Carbine Marksman rifle, and AS VAL are the best weapons in Call of Duty Mobile.

Why is COD Mobile so easy?

Call Of Duty Mobile is so easy at the early levels since the difficulty level is very low. You will encounter only AIl enemies, and it is quite easier to take them down. However, as the levels are upgraded, the difficulty level increases and you need to upgrade your strategies and weaponry.


Call of Duty Mobile is an exciting game, with multiple modes and so many options on the go. I’m hoping that my Call Of Duty Mobile Tips and Tricks will help you take down your enemy and win the game.

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