How to Play Cod Mobile with a Controller

A mobile version of Call of Duty was released in October 2019 and quickly became a popular mobile game. There is impressive growth in the game’s player base, and its popularity is on the rise. Currently, COD Mobile is a fiercely competitive game, as new players join the game every day. Although most players feel comfortable using their mobile phones and touch screens, most prefer to use controllers instead.

Immediately after the game launched, Activision added controller support to meet player demands. Currently, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers are supported by COD Mobile. In addition to the first edition, other official PlayStation controllers can also be used. In spite of Activision’s statement that other controllers would be included in future updates, there are no signs that one is coming.

Players using controllers will only be able to play matches against players using controllers. Matchmaking will be more equitable this way.

How to Play Cod Mobile with a Controller

Does Call of Duty Mobile have full controller support?

Does Call of Duty Mobile have full controller support

Since November 2019, iOS and Android have had limited controller support. At the moment, only two controllers work in-game, and the game only officially supports them. Touch controls are still required for navigating menus and loadout screens.

There are settings available for customizing sensitivity for game types, such as multiplayer, battle royale, and zombies, but button mapping cannot be changed. Developers intend to further optimize support for Call of Duty Mobile controllers in the future.

Alternatively, you can use Bluestacks or Call of Duty Mobile’s official emulator if you want fully customizable controls. It is also possible to use these methods, but you’ll be matched with other emulator players.

How to Play CoD Mobile with a controller: Android, iPhone, or iPad

Bluetooth is the easiest way to connect your controller to your devices. It doesn’t matter what operating system your phone or tablet uses; this process is quick and easy:

On iPhone

  1. You can enable Bluetooth on your phone by opening the Settings app.

  1. Your PlayStation controller’s PS & Share button or your Xbox controller’s connect button should be held down while you play.

  1. Under ‘Other Devices’ on your iOS device, select the controller when the LED starts flashing.

  1. Open CoD Mobile and test your controller once it has been connected to your settings.

On Android

  1. At the top of your screen, you will find the Notification Shade.

  1. Hold the Bluetooth icon for a long time.

  1. You can pair a new device by selecting ‘Pair New Device.’

  1. Your PlayStation controller’s PS & Share button or your Xbox controller’s connect button should be held down while you play.

  1. On your Android phone, select the controller once the LED starts flashing.

  1. Open CoD Mobile and test your controller once it has been connected to your settings.

If your controller doesn’t work in the game’s menu, don’t worry. It only works when you’re actually playing a match.

Is CoD Mobile Easier with a Controller?

call of duty mobile
(Image Credit by Activision)

In Call of Duty Mobile, developers are confident that users will be able to enjoy their favorite shooter with mobile controllers. Virtual controls are not very convenient when playing CoD Mobile on a smartphone. 

Running, aiming, and shooting are all required simultaneously. Hardware controls make fighting in FPS games easier than touchscreens when using a mobile controller.

As well as recognizing controllers, the game also places you in a lobby with other players using mobile controllers. The advantage given to players with mobile controllers is therefore minimized. The controller lobby will be assigned to you even if only one of your team members owns a controller. You may be at a great disadvantage if you do not possess a controller.

In seconds, you can connect your Backbone One or GameSir X3 to your smartphone and enjoy a pure gaming experience. Players can play games wherever they want by opening the appropriate app on their mobile devices.

Tips for Controllers Users

  • The game supports Xbox One and PlayStation controllers, but third-party controllers are also supported. In some cases, however, you may not be able to use some of the features.

  • Players cannot use controllers during other activities in the game, excluding matches. The device’s touch controls are required to navigate the main menu or change outfits and load-outs. It is necessary for players to switch to controller support in the Settings menu after entering a match and after connecting the controller.

  • It is not necessary for players who use controllers to be on the same team as players without controllers.

  • One of the most common myths on the internet is that players will be banned if they use a controller. According to Activision themselves, controllers are perfectly safe when used with games.

Will using a controller in Call of Duty Mobile get you banned?

That’s not right! The developer of CoD Mobile has fully permitted controller support. You won’t be banned from using one. The game matches you with other controller users. Generally, this results in more competitive opponents and longer matchmaking times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my controller work on CoD: Mobile?

Users who have problems with Call of Duty: Mobile controllers should disconnect and reconnect the controller. Make sure the controller’s battery is charged enough before using it. The game will not be able to detect the controller if it does not have enough battery power.

Is CoD Mobile easier with a controller?

The virtual controls on a smartphone are not very convenient for playing COD Mobile. Running, aiming, and shooting are all done simultaneously. Hardware controls are simply easier to use for an FPS than touchscreens, so the fight is much easier with a mobile controller.

How do you use a controller on Call of Duty: Mobile 2022?

If you are using the PS5 or Xbox One controller with an Android or iOS device, you must connect them via Bluetooth in order to play COD Mobile. Whether you’re connecting with a phone or tablet, the process takes only a few seconds. The Bluetooth icon can be accessed by long-pressing the notification shade.

Final Thoughts

Your foes are now within your scream distance in CoD mobile. There is no connection between the controller and lobby or settings, so you can only use it in-game. Although touch controls are still present, it makes the game experience smooth and seamless. So what are you waiting for? Let’s do it right now! And take your gaming experience to the next level.

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