How to Get Free CP in Call of Duty Mobile – (In-Depth Guide)

Call Of Duty Mobile is a popular game released in 2019, and players enjoy buying new creates, new draws, and much more. In addition to this, it is an enjoyable game to play as well. Some players wonder how to get free CP in Cod Mobile, but they don’t know how. The following tips will help you get free Cp in Cod Mobile.

How to Get free CP in COD Mobile

how to get free cp in call of duty mobile

1. Google Opinion Rewards

google opinion reward-

The best way to get free CP in COD Mobile is through Google Opinion Rewards. After completing surveys, you can have your money sent directly into a different account or service that works for whatever purposes you want it to!

If you want to purchase COD Mobile Cp, you can do so. Players can redeem their cash for CP. In-game items are available with this currency at a great price, including the Battle Pass!


2. Participating in giveaways

giveways cod mobile

Another way to earn CP in COD Mobile is to participate in giveaways. The creators of Instagram pages and YouTube channels often do daily giveaways for their followers, which can be won with a bit of luck!

The reward given out usually includes game passes or Amazon Gift Cards. You only need a little bit of luck to win the giveaways. It is recommended that interested players check this page frequently to hear about any new opportunities.

3. Play tournaments or custom rooms

giveways cod mobile

YouTube is a place where people go to find custom videos from YouTubers and streamers. There are also daily tournaments with CP as prizes!

When players develop their skills and want to enter competitive play, The custom rooms are a great way to earn CP or to learn new strategies for achieving CP.



You can get free CP (Coins) in your game in several ways. We’ve discussed how to do it in this article! Please let me know how this article helped you in the comments section below or share it with your friends.

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