Best M4 Loadout in COD: Mobile (S6 23)

In the rapidly evolving world of mobile gaming, few titles have captured the attention of players as intensely as Call of Duty Mobile. This fast-paced and action-packed game brings the excitement of the renowned franchise right to your fingertips. Amidst the virtual battlefield, there is one weapon that reigns supreme—a force to be reckoned with—the M4.

In this article, We will explore the Best Attachments for M4 COD Mobile to enhance its performance, provide recommendations for perks that synergize well with the M4, and unveil the highly popular skins that can definitely make your loadout stand out.

M4 Weapon Overview


The M4 assault rifle is highly sought due to its combination of high power, fast firing rate, extreme accuracy, and low recoil. It has become a popular choice among players, whether for competitive play or casual matches in COD Mobile. With its formidable attributes, the M4 assault rifle is a reliable option for both close-quarter engagements and medium-range combat.

The M4 offers a moderate fire rate that allows for precise target acquisition and controlled bursts of fire. This gives players an edge in various combat scenarios, whether in close-quarter battles or engaging enemies at a distance. The weapon’s versatility is another key strength, as it excels in both close-quarter firefights and medium-range engagements.

This adaptability ensures that players are well-equipped to handle a wide array of combat situations, allowing them to adjust their tactics on the fly. The M4 assault rifle’s combination of power, accuracy, and versatility makes it a popular and trusted choice among players of all skill levels.

Attachment Guide – The Best Attachments for M4 Cod Mobile 2024

To fully leverage the formidable capabilities of the M4, optimizing your loadout with the right attachments is crucial. By carefully selecting and equipping attachments, you can enhance the strengths of the weapon and mitigate any weaknesses. Here are our top recommendations for m4 attachments codm:

  • Barrel: OWC Marksman
  • Optic: Classic Red Dot Shot
  • Stock: RTc Steady Stock
  • Ammunition: 50 Round Extened Mag
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape

m4 attachments codm

M4 Skins, Rarity & How to Get

M4 skins provide a distinct visual upgrade to your weapon, allowing you to express your style and individuality on the battlefield.

These skins come in different rarities, with some being highly coveted and harder to obtain. Without further ado, here are the top 5 M4 skins in Call of Duty Mobile:

M4 – Spurred


Rarity: Epic

How to get: Unlock this skin in S4 Battle Pass Premium.

M4 – The Breakup


Rarity: Epic

How to get: Unlock this skin in Anime Super Crate.

M4 – Court Jester


Rarity: Legendary

How to get: Unlock this skin in Wicked Trickster Draw.

M4 – Silver Ghoul


Rarity: Epic

How to get: Unlock M4 Silver Ghoul in Silver Ghoul crate.

M4 – Back Scratcher


Rarity: Epic

How to get: Unlock this skin in Season 7 Battle Pass (Premium).

M4 – Enchanted Carbine


Rarity: Epic

How to get: Unlock this skin in Toy Soldiers Bundle.

Wrap Up!

The M4 in Call of Duty Mobile is a highly versatile and reliable weapon that can be customized to unlock its full potential. With the right attachments and perks, you can establish dominance on the battlefield.

Embrace experimentation, adapt to different playstyles, and aim to acquire exclusive M4 skins that set you apart from others. Prepare yourself, equip the M4, and get ready for exhilarating battles in Call of Duty Mobile.

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