The 6 Best Sniper Rifles In COD Mobile S6 23

Ever since I started playing Call of Duty, it camiseta aladdin pull and bear rollschuhe osnabrück barbie paris pretty siemens waschmaschine fehlermeldung e23 canon rebel xs precio postales virtuales de cumpleaños bici ciclocross usata 1660 super directx 12 nike entrenamiento 10k postales virtuales de cumpleaños lampe a petrole led dsquared giacca donna bodysol duschgel kaufen lego marvel superheroes 2 rap battles corbata de colegio has been a dream to review the famous sniper rifles and share my views on these weapons. I personally love using Outlaw and SVD because of their fast firing rate and deadly damage.

However, recently I have come across the DL Q33 and have been left impressed by this weapon. Thus, I decided to develop my list of the best sniper in COD mobile along with their loadout attachments and firing sensitivity.

Best Sniper In COD Mobile

1. SVD – Best Sniper in Cod Mobile


The SVD is relatively faster than the majority of the other sniper rifles available in the Call of Duty mobile version. One of the best features of this weapon is its ability to take out multiple shots at a time without taking many breaks in between.

This is highly useful as it does not give the chance to your enemy to counter-attack and offers you a competitive edge. In addition to this, it also reduces the general time required for attack when compared with other rifles or machine guns in the game.

Best Attachments For SVD

The best attachments for Dragunov Sniper Rifle famously known as the SVD include the:

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • RTC 510mm Light
  • RTC Steady Stock
  • OWC Laser Tactical
  • 15 Round Extended Mag

All these weapons will not only improve its damage range but also enable you to achieve excellent accuracy and improved speed.

2. M21 EBR

m21 ebr

M21 EBR also has an advantage over its other counterparts in terms of the shooting rate as well as the accuracy. This weapon also features a relatively fast fire rate and therefore, can be used to hurt the enemy greatly by firing in multiple successions.

However, in terms of damage, this particular sniper lags behind others and has a relatively low damage rate. But it is highly recommended if you are not particularly concerned about the damage and want to lure your enemy into a trap as it allows for fast-speed movement.

Best Attachments for M21 EBR

The Best attachments for M21 EBR are as follows;

  • OWC Light Suppressor
  • 6X Tactical Scope B
  • YKM Light Stock
  • Operator Foregrip
  • OWC Laser Tactical

All of these attachments help in improving the overall accuracy as well as the firing rate of the weapon.

3. DL Q33

Dl Q33

DL Q33 belongs to the category of the S-tier sniper rifles and is definitely the top sniper in Call of Duty mobile. The weapon comes with exceptional accuracy and a consistent damage rating across a great distance. Furthermore, it also possesses a decent fire rate and is one of the outstanding bolt-action rifles.

Best Attachment for DL Q33

If you are searching for the best loadout for the DL Q33, then I recommend going for the following;

  • MIP Light Barrel
  • YKM Combat Stock
  • OWC Laser Tactical
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Extended Mag A.

Using these will help you achieve high accuracy with exceptional damage output.

4. Arctic.50

arctic 50

The Arctic is another outstanding weapon in the Call of Duty mobile and is often referred to as the king of sniper rifles in the battle royale. The weapon is highly recommended for single-player mode and has a fire rate of 31. Moreover, it also features relatively high damage ratings and long-distance accuracy.

Best Attachments For Arctic.50

Some recommended attachments for Arctic.50 include:

  • 6x Tactical Scope C
  • RTC Stead Stock
  • Bipod (under-barrel)
  • MID Stopping Power Reload
  • Stippled Grip Tape

Setting up these attachments with the weapon will help in increasing the damage, range, accuracy, and fire rate.

5. Locus


Next up on the list is the Locus which is often characterized as the all-rounder sniper that you will find in the COD mobile version.

In general, this sniper does not stand at the top in any category when viewed or assessed individually, but, on a whole, it is an all-rounder and displays significant participation in different categories, which sets it apart from its other competitors.

Best Attachments For Locus

The best attachments for Locus include the;

  • YKM Lightweight Short
  • OWC Skeleton
  • OWC Tactical
  • Stippled Grip Tape
  • Stopping Power Reload

These attachments feature relatively higher damage ratings and can be used for long-distance combat.

6. Outlaw – Fastest Sniper Rifle in COD

Outlaw Sniper

Similar to the DL Q33, the outlaw also belongs to the category of S-Tier snipers in the COD mobile. Now the best feature of this sniper rifle is its relatively fast nature, which makes it the top sniper in the mobile version of COD. Unlike ordinary snipers, you will observe that this version features the fastest ADS and movement speed.

Bes Attachments For Outlaw

The best loadout for outlaws in the COD Mobile include;

  • MIP Memorial Cowboy
  • YKM Combat Stock
  • FMJ Perk
  • OWC Laser Tactical
  • Stippled Grip Tape

Since the outlaw is characterized by increased movement speed, you will not have any issues shooting your enemy with utmost accuracy even when you are running.

How to Become a Good Sniper in COD Mobile – Tips and Sensitivity

For becoming a good sniper in COD mobile you should carefully look at the firing and camera sensitivity settings to achieve the best results and high accuracy. The settings for camera sensitivity and firing sensitivity in the Call of Duty Mobile version are as follows.

Camera Sensitivity

  • Standard: 61
  • ADS: 53
  • Tactical Scope: 47
  • Sniper Scope: 47
  • 3x/4x/6x/8x Tactical Scope: 47

Firing Sensitivity

  • Standard: 61
  • ADS: 53
  • Tactical Scope: 47
  • Sniper Scope: 47
  • 3x/4x/6x/8x Tactical Scope: 47
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sniper in call of duty mobile?

SVD is considered the best one of the weapons available in call of duty mobile. This is because of its high damage ratings, fast fire rate, and exceptional accuracy, which makes it stand out among others and all enable you to take an advantage over your enemy by firing out multiple shots.

What is the fastest sniper in COD Mobile?

The outlaw sniper rifle is considered the fastest sniper in the COD mobile and displays outstanding firing rate and movement speed. Additionally, it is also characterized by the fastest ADS and is a perfect option if you prefer killing your enemies while moving on the map.

Final Thoughts

Call of Duty Mobile has launched various outstanding snipers in the past few years all of which offer tough competition to each other in terms of fire rate, movement speed, and ADS.

This article has reviewed the six of these sniper rifles in terms of their ADS speed, fire rate, and damage ratings along with the best loadout attachments for them.

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