DL Q33 Sniper Rifle | COD Mobile – (Weapon Guide)


The DL Q33 is a powerful sniper in Call of Dcamiseta aladdin pull and bear rollschuhe osnabrück barbie paris pretty siemens waschmaschine fehlermeldung e23 canon rebel xs precio postales virtuales de cumpleaños bici ciclocross usata 1660 super directx 12 nike entrenamiento 10k postales virtuales de cumpleaños lampe a petrole led dsquared giacca donna bodysol duschgel kaufen lego marvel superheroes 2 rap battles corbata de colegiouty: Mobile that can easily take out enemies in a one-shot. It’s a sniper rifle known for its high damage and accuracy, making it a top choice for players looking to take out enemies from a distance with a Oneshot.

In this article, we will discuss the DL Q33 sniper, its best attachments, and why it is regarded as a powerful weapon. Let’s take a closer look.

DL Q33 Weapon Overview

The DL Q33 is a bolt-action sniper rifle that can be unlocked at level 1.

DL Q33 COD Mobile


The DL Q33 sniper rifle is known for its high damage output, capable of killing an opponent with a single shot to the upper chest or head.

Although it has a slower firing rate, its precision and long-range capabilities make up for this limitation. It is ideal for long-range engagements and can be effective in mid-range situations when equipped with the right attachments.

DL Q33 Sniper Stats

DL Q33Stats & Tier
Fire Rate:26

Attachment Guide – The Best Attachments for dlq33

We have compiled suggestions to help you choose the best attachments for your DL Q33 sniper rifle in COD Mobile.

  • Barrel: MIP Light.
  • Stock: YKM Combat Stock.
  • Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical.
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand.
  • Ammunition: Extended Mag A.

This DL Q33 attachment setup enhances the speed of aim-down-sights, overall mobility, and reload time.



The DL Q33 is a powerful weapon that’s great for long-range engagements. Its high damage and accuracy make it a top choice for players looking to take out enemies from a distance.

Players can optimize the effectiveness of this weapon by strategically selecting suitable attachments and loadouts. Experimenting with different attachment combinations and loadout configurations is highly recommended to find the best setup that suits your individual play style.


DL Q33 Skins – Rarity & How To Get

DL Q33 – Lotus Flames


Rarity: Mythic

How to get: Unlock this skin in Flaming Lotus Mythic Draw.

DL Q33 – Space Captain


Rarity: Epic

How to get: Unlock this skin in S3 Premium BP.


DL Q33 – Advanced Artillery


Rarity: Legendary

How to get: Get this skin in Arm to the Teeth Draw.

DL Q33 – Dark Glow


Rarity: Epic

How to get: Unlock this skin in Glowing Green Crate.


DL Q33 – Mardi Gras


Rarity: Epic

How to get: Unlock this skin in Valentine Draw.

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