CoD Mobile Global vs CoD Mobile Chinese (Comparison)

As a gamer myself, I know how crucial it is for every gamer to be a pro at a game that is creating havoc in the gaming world. However, in order to be exceptionally good at a game, you need to familiarize yourself with the recently updated version of it. Along with that, every gamer needs to know the difference between multiple versions of a game as well.

Call of Duty is one of the most famous online shooting games franchise. TiMi Studios developed the game, and Activision then published it on Android and iOS. The global version of Call of Duty was released all over the world in October 2019[1]. However, there are three countries that did not release the global version, and they are China, Vietnam, and Belgium.

Call of Duty franchise

Activision and Tencent then launched a new version of Call of Duty mobile for the audience of China in November 2020. Now both of these versions, the global and the Chinese, are somewhat similar. However, a pro gamer will easily spot a few differences.

In this article, I will share major features of both versions along with a few differences present between both. I will also tell you all the advanced features that the Chinese version has introduced in Battle Royale.

COD Mobile Global vs COD Mobile Chinese

COD Mobile Global vs COD Mobile Chinese

COD Mobile Global

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Call of Duty has been ruling the gaming world since the original game was released back in 2003. Ever since then, it has had a huge fan base. It is one of the most successful shooting video games to date.

Many versions of the game have been released over the years ever since its initial launch. However, the COD mobile global version was developed and launched in October 2019. Some of the major features of COD mobile global are discussed in detail below.


CoD Mobile Global Major Features

Login Method

When you start the game, the login bar appears in front of you on the screen. For the Call of Duty mobile global version, there are a couple of options available for you to log into the game. These options include playing as a guest, log in through Activision, and Facebook login.

Game Modes

The Call of Duty global version is in the 13th season. The major game modes are multiplayer, Battle Royale, and Zombies. Multiplayer modes include Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, Deathmatch, Frontline, etc. Players can play both ranked or unranked matches in multiplayer.

In battle Royale, up to 100 players can join an arena and fight each other. Players can join the arena in 4 person squad, 2 person team, or single-player. The game also features a few Battle Royale modes that are only available for a limited time, such as Battle Royale: Blitz and Battle Royale: Alcatraz.

Other than the standard way of playing a match with randomly selected players, there is also an option for you to have a private match in both Battle Royale and multiplayer modes. Players can only access the private rooms through invite links.


Every season of Call of Duty introduces upgraded maps which is more than enough to delight every gamer. The global version of Call of Duty mobile currently has 7 maps along with a Battle Royale map. The one map that is top of the list in popularity is Nuketown.


As the global mobile version is in its 13th season, the gameplay of the global version is better than the Chinese version. It has blood and sound effects that give players a better first-person shooter experience. As for the weapons of the global version, each weapon has different skins which require their own upgrades.

CoD Mobile Chinese (CoD CN)

Call of Duty Mobile Chinese

Even though the Call of Duty mobile was launched in 2019 globally, there were some countries that did not get their hands on the game due to some restrictions. One of those countries was China, so Tencent and Activision introduced a different version for the gamers of China.


The Chinese mobile version took inspiration from some of the old versions of COD a true gamer would recognize features from old versions of COD in the Chinese version. For example, some features have been taken from Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The Chinese mobile version is not very different from the global version. However, there are a couple of differences. Some would even say the Chinese version is better than the global one. Some major features of the COD Chinese mobile version have been discussed below.

Major Features

Login Method

Logging into the Chinese Call of Duty is not as easy as the global version. It does not support Facebook login. However, you can log into the game as a guest, WeChat, or through QQ.

Along with that, logging in to the Chinese version is a little more complicated than the global version, as you need to have and use a Chinese ID in order to log into the game. Don’t Forget To Check How to signup QQ or WeChat Account.

Game Modes

Call of Duty Mobile Chinese comes with three total modes: one simple mode and two different advanced modes for all the pros out there. It basically has a mode for three types of players, a casual, a semi-hardcore, and a hardcore player. Along with that, the global version has Hardpoint mode, in place of which the Chinese version has Frontline.

Lastly, the Chinese mobile version still initiates the game with Season 1. Some gamers were skeptical about this version due to this reason, but the first season of the Chinese version is quite different from the first season of the global version. It has more advanced features than the first season of the global version.


Every COD fan is familiar with the Battle Royale. The map of Battle Royal of Chinese version is a bit different from the one from the global version. It resembles the Cargo Map from the Call of Duty Black Ops 2, along with a few features that were seen in the previous versions, such as Call of Duty Warzone.

These features are not present in the mobile global version. The Chinese version will also have a brand new Oasis Multiplayer map. This map is said to be inspired by the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.


Both the global and the Chinese versions have quite similar core gameplay, with only a few small differences here and there. The Chinese version sometimes freezes for a while trying to aim down sights. Along with that, it also pauses a little at high FPS. Along with that, the Chinese version has sorted all the weapons into different types, each having its own XP system.

Why Call Of Duty Chinese is Best?


The Call of Duty mobile Chinese version took ideas and inspiration from some of the old versions of Call of Duty and introduced a couple of features. So basically, the Chinese mobile version is a collection of all the best bits and pieces from the old Call of Duty versions.

They have also incorporated some new features in their upgraded version. These features are solely available in the Chinese version, the COD mobile global still has not introduced them, and there is a chance that these features may not get introduced by the global version at all.

CoD Chinese Battle Royale Features

New Vehicle

The first thing that the Chinese version has that the global does not is the addition of a new vehicle. A new truck has been added to the game along with the other already available vehicles like Antelope, ATV, and the tank. The inspiration for this new truck has been taken from the Call of Duty Warzone version.

Self Revive

This is the best feature that the Chinese version has introduced that has every gamer jumping up and down with glee and excitement. In the global version, only other members of the team can revive a player.

However, with the new update in the Chinese version, players can now revive themselves in Battle Royale. Whether you get knocked out by a bullet from another player or due to the collapsing zone, you can bring yourself back to life with a revival kit. However, the revival kits are not easily available. You can get your hands on a revival kit only through an airdrop.

Gulag And Redeployed

This is another feature that gamers had been waiting for, and they absolutely loved it. When a player dies during a match on the Battle Royale map, they get sent to the Gulag arena. This is like a second chance for the player to enter the main match.

To re-enter the match, they will need to have a one on one battle with other players. Once the other player is defeated, you get a chance to get redeployed to the main match. For now, this feature is only available in the Chinese version.


Buying Stations

One new feature that the Chinese version has is new buying stations on the map of Battle Royale. The Chinese version has buying stations spread all over the map instead of limiting them to the black market.

This upgrade lets players now buy everything from weapons to class upgrades. Along with that, you can even buy your fallen teammates and bring them back to life by using your points.

Advanced Health And Armor System

A new health system has been introduced in the Call of Duty mobile Chinese version. The global version has health packs, bandages, and adrenaline syringes. However, the Chinese version eliminated all of these and added armor plates to their version.

These armor plates boost a player’s health up to three levels. You use armor plates to recover your armor; no more healing yourself with syringes. Every time you get a new plate, your health gets boosted to another higher level.

New Zombies

The more complex a game is, the more fun winning it is. Another feature that makes the Chinese version better than the global version is that the new upgrade in the Chinese version brought new zombies in the form of dogs in Clown Class.

The global version has actual zombies, but due to some restrictions, the Chinese version added dogs in place of zombies. This feature even got me excited when I unleashed the zombie dogs on the enemies.

New Animations And Details

The Chinese version has introduced new animations to their game that have leveled their version up a few notches. Firstly, when the game starts, the plane that appears on the screen has advanced animations. It looks more futuristic and has a lot more details than the one from the global version. Along with that, there is also a new killing animation.

More detailing gives a more realistic experience. The trees in the Chinese version have a slight to and for movement that gives a more lifelike experience. Another thing I noticed is that when my character was crawling through the bushes and grass, the bushes were also moving the way the character was moving.

Other Features

Another change that the users have seen in the Chinese version is that a color smoke feature has been added to the parachutes. These parachutes open when you jump from the plane at the beginning of the game. Other than this, a new bag layout along with new drop symbols have also been added to the Chinese version.

Wrap Up

Both versions of CoD mobile, global and Chinese, are unique in their own ways and gamers from around the globe enjoy them thoroughly. However, there are some features and upgrades that are only available in the Chinese mobile version.

These cool upgrades are why the Chinese version gets more love and has been put up on a pedestal by gamers. The purpose of this article was to enlighten you about the different features of both versions and share some reasons why the Chinese version is considered the best among gamers. I hope this article was helpful.

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