MW11 Pistol in COD MOBILE – (Weapon Guide)


In the world of FPS gaming, the standing of Call of Duty is irreplaceable. The hype has become more drastic after the launch of Call of Duty Mobile, shortly called CODM.

Insanely user-friendly and attractive graphics, shooting scenarios, weapons, and realistic visuals are why COD is better than ocamiseta aladdin pull and bear rollschuhe osnabrück barbie paris pretty siemens waschmaschine fehlermeldung e23 canon rebel xs precio postales virtuales de cumpleaños bici ciclocross usata 1660 super directx 12 nike entrenamiento 10k postales virtuales de cumpleaños lampe a petrole led dsquared giacca donna bodysol duschgel kaufen lego marvel superheroes 2 rap battles corbata de colegiother shooting games (Gangstar New Orleans APK). You can buy and use different guns and add components to combat on the battlefield, and MW11 is one such weapon. Let’s uncover what makes MW11 prevalent in CODM.

MW11 Weapon Overview

Mw11 Cod Mobile

MW11 is the best choice for defensive players because of its accuracy. It is a lightweight and portable weapon that makes mobility convenient for players as roaming around the field with the heavy gun is difficult. It is a short-range pistol that can cause needed damage to the opponents in-game. The best part of this weapon is that it comes with no complicated parts.

In CODM, players always look for defensive weapons and most of them prioritize MW11 in the game because of its precision and damage-causing potential. In general, the MW11 is mostly used as a secondary weapon for its mobility, easy interface, and reliable performance.

By secondary weapon, I mean when you run out of your rifle and need a life jacket instantly to be safe from your enemies, the MW11 is a backup.

MW11 Weapon Stats

Fire Rate:33

The Attachment Guide – Best Loadout for MW11

Attachments are the extended specialties that improve a gun’s performance in the field. In the case of MW11 in CODM, the trigger action is the best option because it provides an excellent fire rate without compromising accuracy. This attachment is a must-have when you’re a beginner.

As the MW11 is a short-range gun, there is no need to attach the optic scope. In placement, you can go for the laser to enhance the accuracy of MW11 by a considerable margin. Adding a laser also improves the mobility of players in the field. However, the high-power laser attachment is visible to opponents, which is a drawback of this attachment.

This build offers dynamic gameplay and allows players to engage in multiple gunfights using the MW11 weapon.

  • Muzzle– MIP Light Flash Guard
  • Barrel– .45 Tac Long
  • Laser– OWC Laser Tactical
  • Ammunition– 15 Round Reload
  • Trigger Action– Lightweight Trigger
Best Loadout For Mw11 in Cod Mobile

Best Loadout For Multiplayer And For Battle Royale

Players mostly pick MW11 as the secondary gun in multiplayer mode; however, that’s not a limitation. You can also use it as a primary weapon, considering its excellent damage and high accuracy.

MW11 provides mobility to players and is most suited for headshots to defend against enemies. However, the fire rate is comparatively slower than rifles, of course, but you can enhance it through the attachments I explained earlier.

In the Battle Royale mode, the MW11 is used as a defensive gun for its portability and lightweight. Players use MW11 along with snipers to combat like a pro. In short, when the enemy is in the short radius alongside you, there is no better choice than MW11.


MW11 is a maneuverable, powerful, and adaptive piston that dramatically increases the possibilities of COD survival. Its primary advantages include accuracy, motility, and more. You can also improve the field performance of MW11 by equipping attachments like trigger action, laser, etc. all-in-all, the MW11 is a perfect secondary weapon. It could also be used as a reliable primary gun in Call of Duty.


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