The Latest COD Mobile Season 6 Leaks: What We Know And What To Expect

call of duty Leaks

Since the test server was published, COD Mobile Season 6 leaks have been aplenty. The game will receive a slew of additional features, including new levels, weaponry, score streaks, and Operator Skills.

What do we know about COD Mobile Season 6?

The big addition is the new Lock & Load mode. Lock & Load is a 4v4 team deathmatch that features a new map, which features two different entry points. You’ll need to keep a watchful eye out for traps, dogs, and fan cannons. These items will determine how things play out. The next major addition is the “Deathmatch Arena” mode. This takes the aforementioned Deathmatch Arena and adds a mode that lets players test their Gun Darts skills in a competitive format. Both modes allow you to play with your team. When will COD Mobile Season 6 be released? The test server was released in August 2018. It will be fully available to everyone in early November. That means Season 6 will launch around the same time as the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: Blackout beta.

How will it affect gameplay?

The release of Season 6 will mean the end of the current 8-week test period. It is likely that some features will be extended beyond the current test period as the developers consider the feedback they have received. What can we expect? From the sounds of things, developers may be planning to make a number of changes. The upcoming features are likely to include: Levels First up, it is likely that players will start on the same map and have to complete a series of objectives to progress to the next level. In terms of gameplay, there may be a new Free Fire mode which is similar to the Kill Confirmed mode in COD: WWII. Score Streaks It is also quite possible that the developers may add more scorestreaks to the game.

What to expect in the future

With COD Mobile Season 6 already playable, leaks have been trickling in. This has made it difficult to get an accurate overview of what to expect in the next season. Hence, we at GizBot have put together a guide on what to expect from COD Mobile Season 6. Check it out below: New game mode There will be a new game mode introduced in the upcoming season that will allow the user to do all of the killings. The new model, named Rampage, is expected to be in the form of a 2.5D shooter. The mode seems to involve players racing their guns down a futuristic track. With the right weapon, you can blast down the opponent. There is also a chance that you can get knocked out while in the match. This will prevent you from participating in the game until you recover and start again.


At this point, it’s evident that Activision and Infinity Ward have been diligently working on the title. The inclusion of a new combat-only feature called the Spartan Abilities at the start of the test proved that the game was a success to the studio. Aside from a new tier of weapons and Operator Skills, the fact that the game is receiving four additional weapons is quite reassuring to players. The upcoming update is bound to serve as a solution to the much-debated issue of lag. For now, gamers can have a sneak peek at the changes that will be implemented in the mobile version of the game.

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