High Tier Loot Zone In Cod Mobile

Blackout is a battle royale map that was released during Season 8 of Call of Duty (COD) Mobile. With iconic locations such as Hijacked and Ghost Town, Blackout first appeared in Black Ops 4. 

Array and Nuketown Island have also been introduced to the franchise through Black Ops titles including Blackout, which is essentially a jigsaw puzzle of multiple Call of Duty multiplayer maps. It’s mostly luck that determines which loot you find in Blackout, but you’ll be able to find more High Tier Loot Zone in some hotspots.

Blackout Map Cod Mobile
(Image Credit by: Activision)

What is the High Tier Loot Zone in COD Mobile?

There is no doubt that COD mobile has won thousands of hearts around the world among gamers and is very popular among them. The High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile is a topic of interest for many players and gamers. Due to this, COD developers added several new features and weapons. Globally, it is a source of amusement for all players.

Players can also obtain helicopters across the map, weapons, and features in COD. The High Tier Loot Zones are the areas in the game that contain the best loot and weapons. The player can consider and identify the orange & Purple colored areas as part of the High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile.

As a result, in this brief guide, we are going to show you where you can find five high-tier loot zones on the maps Isolated, Blackout and Alcatraz:


Pier Cod Mobile
(Image Credit by: Activision)

As soon as you are dropped off from the plane, this is the first location on the map. In this location, you can loot a lot of items, so we have included a map that pinpoints where it is located so you can see where it is in more detail.

Practice Range

Practice Range Cod Mobile
(Image Credit by: Activision)

You can find this location a little further away from your drop-off point, but it is still very close. Because there are so many weapons, armors, and even armored vehicles nearby the Practice Range, it is one of the most popular loot zones in the game. With the addition of a map, you’ll know exactly where to go without any hassle.


Factory Cod Mobile
(Image Credit by: Activision)

Although it may be the smallest of the three areas, players do not normally use it as a landing point because it is located so far southeast. Before heading into the zone, you can equip yourself with a variety of buildings of various sizes.

Firing Range 

Firing Range Cod Mobile
(Image Credit by: Activision)

Located in the middle of the map, this is probably the biggest and most hot zone of all three. It’s an area filled with constructions and even a lookout tower where you’ll find plenty of weapon crates, but be cautious as there may be several enemies in this area.

Cell house

Cell House Cod Mobile
(Image Credit by: Activision)

After entering the Alcatraz Map, you can check out the location. A high amount of dilutes is said to be present at this location, which has excellent arms. Considering its nature, it has a lot of clouds. Located in the middle of the ocean, it is surrounded by water. Upon landing in the game, you will be able to access the High Loot building through the ceiling hole.

Parade Ground

Parade Ground Cod Mobile
(Image Credit by: Activision)

Similar to the Cellhouse but closer to your drop-off zone, you can find this location on the same map. Although it may seem there isn’t much loot to be found at first glance, the area offers tons of loot, so it made our list.

How to Survive the High Tier Loot Zone in COD Mobile?

How to Survive the High Tier Loot Zone in COD Mobile
Image Credit by: Activision

COD Mobile ranks players up extremely fast if they can consistently survive high-tier loot zones. The first page of the COD Mobile textbook describes how to tier up fast. The loot and kills you find here will help you get through the remainder of the match.

Getting looted in the high-tier zone requires surviving the first few minutes. What’s the best way to do that? You may find these tips helpful:

  • Put Your Headphone/Earbuds On: Keep an eye out for enemies’ footsteps as they approach. There is a possibility that your phone’s speaker will not reveal them.
  • Shotguns Are Kings: Early in the game, when the close combat is frequent, shotguns come in handy. Using them, you can eliminate multiple enemies at once.
  • Use Throwables: These situations require throwables, which we cannot emphasize enough. You should use your smokes or grenades strategically.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are class chips in COD Mobile?

Battle Royale Operators have special abilities, such as turrets, grappling guns, and turrets in COD Mobile. On your right-hand side, you’ll find a Class Chip button. When you click it, a special ability will recharge.

What does BR mean in Codm?

In order for Call Of Duty Mobile BR mode to be the best in mobile gaming, it has a long way to go. In the Game Awards, Call Of Duty Mobile was able to beat PUBG and Free Fire. However, the BR mode of the game has not received the same level of praise as its multiplayer mode.

Wrapping Up!

In Call of Duty Mobile, there are several high loot locations that might have slipped your mind until you realized they were high loot. Those locations are open to the public now if you haven’t been there yet.

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