The Best PP19 Bizon Loadout For COD Mobile (Complete Guide)

In this Article I’m Talking About PP19 Bizon, Best Loadout For Using in Cod Mobile. PP19 Bizon is the Best Gun for Long combat and Mid Combat. I’m also using this Gun against pro players. Let’s Discuss

You may have heard that PP19 Bizon is the best Bizon Rifle/Shotgun that you can get right now. So, I decided to talk about this gun. What makes it unique? The 7.62x39mm The first unique feature is that PP19 Bizon is a 7.62x39mm based gun. That is, it’s an effective alternative to the PP-19 Satiné for player and enemy. The reason it’s an effective alternative is because it’s more powerful than PP-19 Satiné and has better scope than its predecessor. You can also easily tell the difference between PP19 Satiné and PP19 Bizon because of the beige colored muzzle brake. The most expensive thing about the gun is that it costs around $150.

PP19 Bizon

PP19 Bizon came with some very unique and effective features. I will go through the key things that really make PP19 Bizon one of the best guns for CoD on Mobile. Now this gun has a whopping 410 rounds per magazine and it can fire 3 round bursts. That is more than all the other rifles in the game. It comes with a suppressor and also has side and rear rail for attachments. As expected this gun also has very long sights and it is also VERY reliable. To get this gun working just set it up in your game and start shooting. PP19 Bizon comes with 50 Rounds in a box. I will explain why PP19 Bizon is one of the best guns to use against enemy sniper. Sniper Rifles Sniper Rifles are very effective because they are very accurate and can be used from long range.

Best Loadout

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There you go, Best PP19 Bizon Loadouts for COD Mobile Buy this with Discount Best PP19 Bizon Loadouts for CoD: Global We are now almost done with this Series. I hope you find this information helpful and that you will share it with your friends, co-workers and families. Feel free to comment with any questions you may have. Also, if you find a topic that you would like to read about please let me know. All comments are moderated and we may not show them. Thank you for reading!


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